Gender: Female

Country: United States

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Age: 66

Sexual Preference: Prefer Not To Say

Body type: Prefer Not To Say

Hair: Other

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’ 3" (160 cm)

Zodiac Sign: Sagitarius

Languages: English ☾ Sarcasm ☾ Witchcraft

Turn Ons: ☀︎ Diplomacy ☀︎ Love Notes ☀︎ Wittiness ☀︎ King Bids ☀︎ Humility ☀︎ Gifts + Rain ☀︎ Self-Awareness ☀︎ Token Appreciation ☀︎

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🌿 Welcome to my Garden 🌿

  I’m Eucalyptus 

previously rosethewitch

Euca, EucEucal, & Witchy or anything else respectful also works! I am an eclectic witch who describes herself as...


Enticing • Erotic • Euphoric •

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  C H A T T I N G  

Not viewing? Please do NOT open my IM.

I will only engage in sexual chatting in YOUR IM.

  G I F T S  

Gift (n.) /'gift/ - something voluntarily transferred

by one person to another without compensation

Want something in specific in return?

Use the tip menu options I've personally created!

  N U D I T Y  

Full Nudity is NOT requested but offered with a Goal.

Otherwise, full nudity is reserved for private only.

  P R I V A T E   

By Invite or Tip Menu Requests ONLY.

No conversation PRIOR? Your invite will be declined.

 U P D A T E S 

Tip Menu • July 1st, 2022

Dare Wheel • July 1st, 2022

Kinky Kauldron (Custom Wheel) • July 2, 2022

Mystery Magic (Custom Mini Wheel) • July 2, 2022


Profile Revised: July 1, 2022

My Diary

✪ Submissive by Choice

Dominant by Nature 

100% Switch

97% Brat

94% Submissive

77% Vanilla

73% Exhibitionist

72% Rope Bunny

69% Brat Tamer

63% Dominant

55% Primal (Prey)

53% Masochist results from June 2022


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  chat memories  

☘︎ loudpak: I love witches I chase switches and dont fw snitches

☘︎ satanna: i only hate ppl, not food 

☘︎ worshiptomy: that smile is cure for depression euc

☘︎  ztard: euca, can I just say you look amazing for 66 yo

☘︎  denverwill: bewitching penis growth is what it is

☘︎ curiousandcute: when you're the sweetest, I don't think you need to proclaim it

☘︎  nxrvana: koala tea

☘︎  clint35: is this the krusty krab?

☘︎ skyr0cket: whos making rose stop to type? FFS

☘︎ skyr0cket: boy, when rose pervs.... she looks like a crack addict who sees their next rock

☘︎  allenthegr8: Damn girl you make me wanna be a koala

☘︎  lazioss: so i call you the shaven lazy rose

☘︎  lazioss: rose is thee most courageous woman ever

☘︎  xenawarrior: first im gonna take ur bed and later ur life

☘︎  skyr0cket: viewing cams is like playing whack a mole

☘︎  aaron3k47: this room needs more garlic

☘︎  gene6pv4: Everyone was tho, we were fighting for elbow room

☘︎  core1: my girl made it

☘︎  curlyscarlett: I need some of rose's positive energy today

☘︎  bigbanggigng: best witch I know ;)

☘︎  darlinglula: 44 // ★ darlinglula rolled 44

☘︎  bigbanggigng: he owes

☘︎  bigbanggigng: quick mafs

☘︎  iseeyou: nonewitchroseboom