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Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Body type: BBW

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Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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More info about me

I am a born leader with lots of warmth and charisma to burn and I draw people like moths to flame. That certainly goes for my submissives, as well; I am passionate about my work, playing with my submissives for me is by definition a dramatic affair and I have a well-developed imagination when it comes to setting a scene.

You will do anything for me, sparing no expense - and you will be treated with respect that you deserve. Yes there is a big of ego there, as well as my pride and my sense of self, but there's also a huge heart full of love and sky high intentions.

I will make you feel like you are living close to the edge. The mystery of being involved with my sessions is so exciting and I will make you crave that roller coaster ride, just because it gets our blood moving. This is an escapist urge wanting to escape the humdrum reality of everyday life with some drama, some mystery, even some uncertainty.

I am serious about my role as a Mistress and also know how to have fun with it. I have a firm idea what is possible for you and what is unrealistic. Trust is definitely a prerequisite for me when it comes to getting in touch with your own vulnerability.

I have to warn you, I love strong, fast and hard - playing with me might be like a roller coaster - you are flying high and feeling exhilarating one minute, and the next, without warning, you are down in the depths and wishing you'd never indulged in the first place.

My Diary


i'm having an awsome day!! met some really nice guys today. don't for get that i have panties for sale :) just message me for details.




ask me about my custom, made just for you vids & pictures!!

my day was awsome :) hope yours was to