Gender: Female

Country: New Zealand

Member since: 12/26/2019

Rating: 0

Fans: 218

Stars: 11

VIPs: 138

Tokens: 2,190

Age: Prefer Not To Say

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Body type: Voluptuous

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’ 8" (173 cm)

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Languages: English

Turn Ons: Tattoos, Bubble Baths, Financial Stability, Intelligence, Tokens

More info about me

<p>I'm a bit shy and take a bit of time warming up to people. But have strong opinions about certain topics so if you trigger me, watch out. I enjoy humor and interesting conversations.</p><br><p>I have an amazon wish list, there's a variety of different things like panties, costumes, toys, heels and just random gift ideas 😊 I wasn't going to make one of these because I don't like asking people for things but I've had a lot of fans ask me if i had a wishlist so here's the link:</p><br><p></p><br><p>Go  check our mine and sexystevies couples account at the link below:</p><br><p></p><br><p>I  also created a private SC for my fans, if you send me 100 tokens and your SC username I'll add you. I post daily to my story and reply to all messages.</p><p>I have an IG account as well so feel free to follow me at "lola_bunnyxox"&nbsp;<br><br>Tip Menu:<br><br>Watch Your Cam - 10 Tokens p/m<br>IM You - 10 Tokens<br>Bite Lip - 10 Tokens<br>Wink - 10 Tokens<br>Smile - 10 Tokens<br>Lick Lips - 10 Tokens<br>Brush my hair for 5 minutes - 20 Tokens <br>Show feet - 20 Tokens<br>Suck Finger - 20 Tokens<br>Apply Lipstick - 20 Tokens<br>Say "I'm a dirty slut" - 20 Tokens<br>Say "I'm so wet for you" - 20 Tokens<br>Jiggle Boobs - 30 Tokens<br>Remove Shirt - 30 Tokens<br>Spit on Boobs - 30 Tokens<br>Rub Feet - 30 Tokens<br>Suck on a Popsicle - 30 Tokens<br>Flash Boobs - 40 Tokens<br>Flash Ass - 40 Tokens<br>Write Name on Body - 40 Tokens<br>Post Feet Pic on SC - 40 Tokens<br>Spank Ass - 50 Tokens<br>Put on Heels - 50 Tokens<br>Squeeze Boobs - 50 Tokens<br>Squeeze Ass - 50 Tokens<br>Rub Ice Cube on Nipples - 60 Tokens<br>Shake Ass - 60 Tokens<br>Pinch Nipple - 60 Tokens<br>Post Nude on SC - 60 Tokens<br>Pick next listing for my account - 60 Tokens<br>Suck on my Toes - 70 Tokens<br>Remove Bra - 70 Tokens<br>Change Outfit - 80 Tokens<br>Remove Panties - 100 Tokens<br>Oil Body - 100 Tokens<br>Pick Outfit - 120 Tokens<br>Nipple Clamps (Don't have any yet) - 150 Tokens<br>Flash Pussy - 250 Tokens<br>Buy Panties that say "Property of (username)" - 500 Tokens (You will also get a free 5 minute private with me wearing them 😉)</p>

My Diary

<p>I decided to create an IG account for anyone who wants to keep up to date with me 🥰 Its free to follow me, my username is "lola_bunnyxox" 😋 And also just a reminder that i have a SC account, its 100 tokens for me to add you. I post daily and reply to messages 🥰</p><p><br></p><p>I'm thinking about doing a special show once I reach 5000 tokens. I might get my painting supplies out and do some body art 😛🥰 If your interested in this happening send me a tip and let me know what you think 😘</p><p>29/01/2020</p><p>Loving my time talking to new people and have seen a few people becoming regulars :P I'm trying to set up some stuff on the used panties website so my fans can own something of mine ;)</p><p>21/01/2020</p><br><p>I have reached my goal of 5000 tokens and so has sexystevie so we will be doing a cam show together this Wednesday between 1pm and 5pm. Don't miss it!</p><p>12/01/2020</p><br><p>600 tokens and the deadline slowly approaches 🤞 Will we make it?</p><br><p>Only 1000 tokens away from a double up with sexystevie 😉❤</p><p>11/01/2020</p><br><p>I'm only 1500 tokens away from my target come on people keep tipping ;) Sexystevie and I cant wait to do a little show for you!</p><p>10/01/2020</p><br><p>If both me and SexyStevie can make it to 5000 tokens by Sunday 12am (NZ Time) we will be doing a cam show together :) Go check out SexyStevie shes pretty close to the target and I'm about half way there</p><br><p>Not doing private chats today, Im a bit sick so I wanna take it easy :) 07/01/2020 </p><br><p>I made a SC account, send me 100 tokens and your username and I'll add you 😘</p>