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Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Body type: Average

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5’ 6" (158 cm)

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Languages: American Sarcasm Dirty Talk

Turn Ons: Lip Biting; Ass grabbing; Hair pulling; Hand holding; Teasing me; Me teasing you; Confidence; Necessary Roughness; Spankings; Forehead Kisses; Me Crawling to you; Your dominance; My submission; Watching myself in the mirror as you fuck me; Mutual Respect.

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December 29, 2018

Internet Model.Camgirl. Online Adult Entertainer. Porn Star.

Gorgeousleigh Chaotic.

Milf Next Door

Hella Sexy

Super Chill



I'm genuine, honest, caring, analytical, funny, flirty, sarcastic, talkative, intelligent, sexy, and fun to be around. I'm moody, opinionated, curious, and freely speak my thoughts as I deem necessary and applicable. I'm quirky with a signature set of facial expressions, hand gestures, and sound effects that are a natural part of my interactions in and with the world around me. I'm super chill, hypervigilant, transparent, guarded, rigid, adaptable, paradoxical and enigmatic. I have been told that I am a strong personality, and I'm very much an Alpha female. I'm highly competitive and either wholeheartedly committed or unreservedly apathetic. People either love me....or learn to love me. Haha.

The following About Me Section Information was retired on December 29, 2018

What's up? I'm Gorgeousleigh. I'm your newest Video Muse. Before this unbelievable opportunity fell into my lap, I lived a regular life with a decent career. Life happened and there was a series of events that ultimately gave me the long awaited opportunity to pursue Webcam Modeling which has always been a fantasy of mine. I had been a dancer at two different times of my life in the past, and I am in love with selfies...clothed and unclothed. I've gotten pretty good at it. Hahaha. Anyway, when the opportunity arose, I figured, ‘What the hell?’ I'm going for it!’ So. Yeah.

When I was first accepted as a Webcam Model, I was completely overwhelmed. This is something I have always wanted to do, I just never knew how to go about doing it. So, here I am. I’ve always been a sexual girl and I love being the object of desire. I feel the most powerful, attractive, and sexy when I am fulfilling the desires of my partner. This is just on a much larger scale with a huge audience. Intimidating yet exhilarating.

Those who are closest and mean the most to me are fully supportive of my decision to explore Webcam Modeling. Though they may not be fully aware of my desired ultimate outcome, they know my approach will be the same as my approach to every challenge in my life: I'm in to win it. I am an overachiever with an extremely competitive streak and have climbed to the top spot in nearly every challenge I have faced. Every situation that arises is an opportunity for learning. I'm here to learn from the experiences of Models and Members who have mastered the Model/Client relationship and to refine my approach with along the lines of those lessons. I'm here to have fun..to do what it takes to be the best Webcam Model I can effin be.Te TAKEOVER!!!

When I first set up my profile I didn't know what the hell to write. Like, I tried to sound natural--like myself--and it is definitely true to form. Then, I started reading it and it just sounded superficial; half-hearted. Like, it contains the requisite pieces of information, but it just doesn't feel authentic to me. It's definitely who I am, just feels as though it was written with apprehension. I decided to chill and come to an understanding within myself as to what my goals are as a Webcam Model.

This experience serves three purposes for me:

1) (the obvious) It allows me to explore and express my sexuality. My role as a Webcam Model puts me in touch with a diverse group of individuals, some of whom may share in sexual fantasies or desires that I have interest in, as well as provides me the opportunity to learn about those which I am yet to be aware of.

2)Sex has always been a means of communication for me. When the words cannot be found or don't make sense, there's a sexcapade for that. So, this platform provides a much larger audience to, for, and with whom I can communicate thoughts and feeling which I have been unable to communicate through other means in my life.

3) Fun. Life is hard sometimes. It's monotonous and unfair, and full of unexpected events that can cause us to forget to enjoy the ride. Sex is one of our most pleasurable activities. It's a great stress reliever and increases endorphins. It can be the source of a ton of joy and happiness that we are missing in other areas of our lives. Gimme dat fun.

I am a caricature of a woman who has reached a period in her life consisting primarily of consequences--the majority of which are the direct result of her own poor choices and impulsive actions. I am an outlet for the expression of those thoughts and feelings that she cannot get it elsewhere. A loaner with an exclusive circle of people who know exactly who she is and love her and support her, albeit sometimes necessarily done so from a distance. Everything that I am, is within this woman, only her inhibitions are my almost unrestrained indulgences.

My Diary

********June 13, 2019********

So, I'm back....

********June 1, 2019*********

Finally back after dealing with utter nonsense. ugh. Ah, well. Such is life. I'm soooooo ready to get back to hanging out with you guys!! I MISSED YOUUUU! ♥♥♥

********January 28, 2019***********

Happy Monday, y'all. Hope the weekend was just fine and dandy for everyone. Mine was just lovely. I slept a good bit, worked a good bit, and, of course, played a ton. I have been crazy horny for about the last three days solid...from dusk 'til dawn. I'm sooooooo in need of a good sexcapade right now. Any one of y'all handsome fellas think you can get me straightened out? I'm in serious need. ♥♥♥ Gaaaaaah! Singlehood means no regular sex and that is hard on me. hahaha! I need a regular roll in the hay or I just can't function right. Hahaha.

I'm uploading a few new vids this morning to Adult Videos. Keep your eyes out for those. At least one of 'em is hella hot. Not to be disappointed, I promise you that. I was super horny when I made one in particular. Great time I had there. A fan on another site got me revved up and after playing for about an hour, with no relief, I said "To Hell With It!" Hahaha. I made a vid instead of giving a private show.

Ummmmm let's see here. What else??Oh, I know:

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Your Choice: A. 360° Clothed

Full Body Reveal

B. Tit Flash

20 Tokens:

Your Choice: A. Bare Ass Flash

B. Panties On Camel

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Your Choice: A: Bare Ass 5

Good, Hard


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Dildo Ride Low

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Your Choice: A: 5 Min Dildo BJ

B: Top Off

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Your Choice: A: Bare Ass Bend

Over Spread 'em

30 Seconds

B: Panties Off

Pussy Flash

*********January 20, 2019*********

Well, it's Super Sunday morning. I did stream last night from 10pm 'til about midnight. The crowd was sleepy so I logged out and caught up on the neverending paperwork. Finished that, now I wanna stream. Not only because I need the money (which I definitely do!!), but rather because streaming can be so much fun. I love logging in and seeing the familiar faces who are excited for me to be back (almost as excited as I am to see them and be back as well). I'm a homebody for the most part and I enjoy my solitude. Great peace in oneself. Anyway, because I don't get out that much, I really look forward to camming. It gives me the social activities that we all need but without being overly invasive. When I get tired of looking or talking, I just log off and done! Back in a World of My Own.

Like I said, today, I was stream. I wanna have a great time with you guys. View some cams, have some convo, cure my hunger pangs for a really GREAT orgasm. Oh, you're here, too. Awesome. I think I found my friend for the stream. Can you make me cum first?

*********January 19, 2019*******

Yes! I WILL be streaming tonight at 10:00 pm EST until...i'm good and spent. Me, Music, Mirrors, Magic and maybe a melody of moans. Meet my here. XOXO

********December 29, 2018*********

So, so, so ,so, sooooooooo excited to be back. Now that the holidays, and this dreadful year is drawing to a close, I'm so ready to slam the door in the face of 2018 and greet 2019 with a big fat kiss and a boob flash, for good measure, of course. Out with the old, in with the new. I'm hella excited!!!!

So, my new schedule will be posted at some point tonight, and will be effective on January 1, 2019. Hell yeah I'm streaming on New Year's Day. Hopefully you'll join me.

OK so, for those of you who know and remember me, I'm still me. The one and only, Gorgeousleigh. Still talkative; still funny; still intelligent; still beautiful; still sexy as hell; still the milf of your dreams/girl next door all rolled into one; still cussing like a sailor; still with my air of mystery and intrigue, turning you on without my even having uttered one word; still smoking cigarettes; still wearing my signature tank tops, cheeky panties, and kneesocks, still playing music that suits my mood, sometimes too loudly, sometimes too quietly, sometimes at just the right volume; still hella fun and just as naughty as I wanna be...let's be honest here, you want me to be naughty, too.

In my time away, I've been doing some research. Looking for ways to make our times together more enjoyable for all of us. I don't know if you guys know this or not, but I get just as horny, hot, and bothered by y'all as y'all do by me. I'm here to get my jollies, too. I've got some new toys, a new laptop, some new games and some new ideas. Everything else is still the same ol' me. Come by and say, "Hi!" to welcome me back. I'm so excited to be back home!!

********December 1, 2018********

Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh. I'm back for sure. Proper equipment acquired. The Takeover is in full affect.

*******November 4, 2018******

I'm working my way back ★

****October 1, 2018*********

Been gone 5 days. I'm baaaaaaaaackkk bitches. Haha kiss kiss tomorrow is my 1 month camgirl anniversary. Yeehaw!

******September 25 2018*********

Birthday Week. Yay.

One Month Webcammodel Anniversary coming up, too. So, yah for that too.

A profile I have at another site that has all of a sudden started creating a little buzz. I've got some things working. So many things happening at once. Exciting. I need an assistant. Yay! Haha

**********September 17, 2018*********

That long, drawn out description provided in the About Me section is absolutely true and accurate of me. I am all of that. However, this is a much more clear and concise description of me:

I'm just me. Beautiful. Smart. Intriguing. The more you're around me, the more captivated you are. I'm super chill and effortlessly mesmerizing. Transparent , yet mysterious. Flirty and Hella sexy. I'm your temptation. I'm absolutely the girl you are certain is a force behind closed doors. I am the girl who exudes sexual prowess that sends the most amazing chills up your spine. Every time our eyes meet, I silently beg for you to f*ck the sh*t out of me, making it nearly impossible for you to keep your excitement a secret. With every encounter, the anticipation increases, as you await your opportunity to make your fantasies of me a reality. I am your every desire. Gorgeousleigh. That's me.

**Retired Intro September 17, 2018**

**Originally posted Septeber 2,2018**

I am just me. I am fun. Loyal. Real. Intelligent. Sarcastic. Energetic. Appreciative. Funny and talkative. Quirky with cute facial expressions random sound effects and hand gestures.

Um...Music is sustenance. I love at least one song from nearly every genre. Wherever and whenever possible my Bluetooth is on speaker or my earbuds are in with loud mood-influenced music streaming from Spotify.

Definitely no "girly" girl. I do like taking care of myself and looking pretty and smelling all sorts of fantastic however. I enjoy my solitude. I spend my "me time" in my room at my vanity trying out YouTube makeup looks while recapping the past week and gameplanning the next.

Yeah, I am super amazing and all that. Better believe it. Yet i am also rough around the edges and a little unrefined but i kinda dig it. I am pretty well adjusted to life and just doing my best with what I have. I accept the unpredictability of life as it comes. People refer to me as an "A-hole" and I have graciously accepted and donned my crown. I often speak my thoughts which are sometimes inappropriate or rude. Oopsie. I'm not sorry

*********September 13, 2018*********

OMG! So I was super excited because I got invited to my first private chat early this morning. I haven't been live a whole lot yet. I have only been here a week. Anyway, the moment I had been waiting for had finally arrived. I was gonna get virtually deflowered. Quick double check for all my accessories whatnot and Go!

No. Not so much. Things just wouldn't work out right on my end. Hahaha I'm calling it stage fright. So 20 minutes of playing around with no finish. Haha. I guess it wasn't terrible for my first time. He may disagree. So wherever you are if we never cross paths again I just want to say i am so sorry...and thank you for taking one for the team. You are awesome. If by some chance we do run iinto each other, please allow me to make it up to you. That said. Let's do this.

**********September 9, 2018**********

I consider last night's chat session a complete success! Super late chat equals super good sleep. Time for me to get ready for edition of the Wakeful Dream Team...come see me at midnight-and-a-half to audition for your position on the team. Keep your eyes on me. This is a GORGEOUSLEIGH CHAOTIC TAKEOVER!

8:17 pm

**********September 7, 2018**********

1: I'm just me. I do things my own way without a smidge of concern for the opinions of others. A "better way" An "easier way" **GASP** The "right way" Hahaha! Irrelevant and false. My way is the ONLY way. HeeHee! *CHEeeeeeESE* I'm always the same yet completely unpredictable. I do what I want not what I can. Prepare for an incomparable experience. I just wanna play and have fun. Come teach me a new game. If Plain Jane Vanilla-Bean is your thang you might wanna sit this one out sexy.

M. I'm a sucker for a man of confidence who recognizes and celebrates the unique muse that I am. Just the right mix of beauty brains and mischief. Sexy and confident. Good girl and naughty woman. Tough yet soft in all the right places. Angel eyes with the Devil's tongue. Look at all my layers, damnit! Hahaha.

7. Irresistible is the man who sees me as a worthy opponent and overcomes intimidation to challenge the fire in my eyes. Yeah, that is right. Put me in my place. hahaha. Ooooh! I love natural chemistry and sexual tension. Lip lickin and sh*t talkin heavy breathin and eye f**kin and lip bitin and back scratchin and booty squeezin and carnal aggression between two fierce competitors. IIIII! WANTTTTT! THATTTTT!

94. I absolutely adore my solitude-- those rare times when I am really with myself, completely alone. No phone. No camera. No social media. No kid. No bestie. No man. No mother. Nothing and no one but me and my thoughts. That is where my happiness is at. I am a true believer in the value of down time. Recharging is so underrated.

Q. Not exactly flawless but I am perfectly and unapologetically me. You freakin love that mess.

**********September 7, 2018**********

So...I'm finally up and running LIVE!!!. Woot. Now let the games begin. Come be my very first private chatter. You know you wanna. See you there!