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Sexual Preference: Bisexual

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Zodiac Sign: Aries

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More info about me

08.04.24 - To anyone wondering where I've been recently, I've unfortunately broken my rib so taking some time to heal and feel sorry for myself. Hopefully be back properly soon :) 

Hi! :) Thank you for reading my profile 

I'm here to both chat and show myself off. I really enjoy showing to a group, it's a huge turn on for me knowing that people are enjoying what they see.

If you just wanna chat, my favourite things are South Park, moaning about the weather, movies, rock music, animals. 

If you want fun, please read my Please's and No Thank You's below :) 


- If my tip menu is on, feel free to get things started :) 

- Chat to me as well if you want, I like getting to know you all. Obviously, I speak to a LOT of people on here, please don't be offended if I forget what we spoke about based on a username, I assure you I try to remember everyone I have a proper chat with. 

- Let me know if there's something not on my tip menu you'd be willing to tip for, we can work out a price. 

- Be polite, be patient. I'm not just an image on the screen. I don't interact with jerks, I just block. 

- Remember, this is my job. I enjoy what I do, but I won't pay my bills getting naked for fun, please tip if you want something. If you can't, thank the person who did tip. 

No thank you 

- Don't ask me to view or IM you. I get a little lost with multiple chats and cams open. I will open cams when I decide I'm curious, and IM people if I want to say something privately. If you really want me to view you then it is an option on my tip menu. 

- Privates: I prefer to discuss things before I agree to a private and enter a private room, so it's fair on both me and you. If I feel like you're getting funny about anything, then the answer is just no. 

- Request stuff when you haven't tipped. I'm here for the group, if someone tips for things I'm willing to do then I will do it. If I feel like doing it myself I will do it, but I'm not here to do as I'm told. 

- Don't be rude to the others in my chat. Don't ruin it for others. You'll just get blocked and ruin it for yourself too. 

- I don't show face. Just accept that. Trying to persuade me will only make me dislike you. I don't talk on cam either, I put my mic on for the fun sounds but that's it. 

I'm a terrible liar, so I'm not going to pretend something I don't feel. You'll know it just as much as I do. If you want a girl to tell you what you want to hear, there's plenty of others to choose from. 

e.g. Anal does nothing for me, I'm not sticking a finger up there and pretending it feels amazing because that's what's expected of me. 

You will only get real with me. 

I like chatting about sex. The funny, gross, weird sides of it. I'm very open. We're all grown ups. I enjoy a good "wtf just happened" sex story. 

Thanks for reading! xx

P.s. I'm happy to pee for you :) But, you've gotta understand I need time to prepare so you have to be patient. I only do this in private and prices start at 100 depending on where you want me to pee. As I'm drinking lots to get ready, I require 50 tokens beforehand so you don't fuck off and leave me desperate to pee for no reason :) 

My Diary

08.04.24 - To anyone wondering where I've been recently, I've unfortunately broken my rib so taking some time to heal and feel sorry for myself. Hopefully be back properly soon :) 

Dear Diary, 

I am currently in the process of getting set up in pantie-selling, if you're interested please let me know so I can message you when it's ready. 

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