Gender: Female

Country: United States

Member since: 02/20/2018

Rating: 0

Fans: 500

Stars: 71

VIPs: 279

Tokens: 0

Age: 19

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Body type: Slim

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’ 1" (155 cm)

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Languages: English, Spanish

Turn Ons: Being told what to do, Creampies, Being forced down and used, being Daddy's little girl, DP, Bondage, Spanks, Being called Princess <3, Dominant Men, Soft Girls, Age Gap, Pet Play, Getting Covered in Cum, Nipple Play, Cum Deny, Being Watched

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10 view

10 IM

10 stand up

10 show feet

10 show butt

10 show toys

20 spanks (3)

20 song request

30 flash boobs

30 outfit change, ask me what I have first!

40 be my Daddy <3 (you can outbid the current Daddy to take his spot)

50 deep throat toy for one min

50 shake butt close to cam for one minute

50 control my Lovense Lush toy for 3 min (non nude)

60 oil up boobs with coconut oil for 3 min!

70 touch myself off cam ;)

100 keep top off rest of show.

140 oil up my whole body for 3 min & keep top off for rest of show(keep panties on)(ask first)(I like to sit in doggy and shake my butt when I do this)

150 control my Lovense Lush toy for 1 minutes with panties off ;)

200 give you my SC (daily PM for a week, then you will have to renew tokens.)

500 SC, plus daily morning nudes for a week <3

750 half an hour alone with me and my Lovense Lush toy in private (and any other toys you'd like)

1000 SC, plus daily nudes/videos for a month!!!

1500 give me the night off <3

2000 control the public show for the an hour (anything you want, even showing/playing my kitty)

3000 SC for a year! Special nudes and videos just for you <3 You can also make requests for what you would like to see.

xxx Please tell me what you tipped for xxx

Private Shows:

Pretty much anything goes. I am really into kink and taboo, so do not be afraid to ask for your darkest fantasies and I will do my best to play them out with you x.

I do not negotiate prices. But if you want something simple (like JOI where I keep my clothes on) I would be happy to talk prices. Clothed shows are 200 for 5 minutes (this is a 50 token discount.) 100 tokens will be 3 minutes, and so on.

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My Diary

Sweet girl with a positive outlook on life who likes to play with strangers before going to bed..

I am very obedient and love to be submissive. I aim to please. Come make me smile!

Follow me on twitter to see when I am logging on! twitter.com/SweetBxbyGirlx 

xx Looking for a Daddy Dom xx

!! Help me buy the lovense Domi/hush toy. Tip 1000 and let me know it is for the toy. Free private where you control the toy once I get it !!

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Some of my favorite men on here:

pepsifan1974 <3








Do Not:

- Beg for things after I have said no/already given you a price.

- negotiate prices

- ask me personal identifier questions (i.e. where do you live?/go to school?/what is your major?)

- ask to meet me in person, I do not meet people off the internet. (its a scary world out here!)

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==

100% Exhibitionist

100% Pet

100% Submissive

100% Brat

100% Slave

100% Masochist

100% Degradee

100% Voyeur

100% Rope bunny

95% Boy/Girl

80% Primal (Prey)

80% Ageplayer

75% Experimentalist

60% Non-monogamist

56% Primal (Hunter)

13% Vanilla

7% Brat tamer

6% Degrader

4% Sadist

2% Rigger

2% Owner

1% Dominant

1% Daddy/Mommy

0% Master/Mistress

0% Switch