Gender: Female

Country: United States

Member since: 04/01/2013

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Fans: 2020

Stars: 777

VIPs: 1436

Tokens: 2,090

Age: Prefer Not To Say

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Body type: BBW

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Height: 5’ 7" (170 cm)

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Languages: English, Typonese, Kuntanese

Turn Ons: Britan, 420, Eye Porn, Long Hair, Accents, Tokens, Shower Cams No Golden Showers

More info about me

A few things about myself.

I'm cold as ice cream but still as sweet, unless you cross me. I love playing dress up in my lingerie and stockings. I can be a tease when I want to be. I'm a shameless flirt especially for the ladies. I flash for tokens!  Home of the Bat Dance & Deepthroat bong rips!

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You may have some questions let me answer the frequently asked ones.

Are you Single? No, I'm engaged to Britan, 9 years on 10/18.

Does he know your on this site? Of course he does, we met here.

How long have you been coming here? 10 years in fresh hell and counting.

How large are your breasts? A bit more than a handful.

Can I see your tits? Not unless you tip me tokens

Can I see your ass? Tip me tokens and I'll even spank it.

Can I see your feet? No I don't show my feet don't ask.

Can you rub your tits for me? Sure tip me tokens

Will you view me? Sure but you need to tip me tokens first

Can I see your pussy? No I don't show my pussy in main or private chat.

Can I meet you? Hell no!

Where do you live? Earth

How old are you? Level 36.

My Diary

Green things & small mutations Perv's & Pervette's. I'm BattyBat a mentally disturbed. I am a lingerie & stockings enthusiast, Ganja Doll & a pervette with thighs to mesmerize. You'll often see me bouncing around from BBW perving out with my fellow ladies or in Smoking Lounge. 

I'm also on! 

Good news everyone! See something you like that I'm wearing? I'm selling my panties, lingerie, socks, and shoes on! I'll be adding more clothing as I go.
Join me at:

Tokens before any services are rendered! No begging, no freebies, no refunds!

Let's restart the quote wall!

britan: Dormant slut, ready to be awakened at any moment

britan: No longer a goth girl, now a goth babe

highpriestess69: will protecc she attack she is batt

missyquinn: Batty, you're literally the walking, breathing embodiment of Cards Against Humanity.

so you just sit there silent looking like something out of the addams family 

- Anonymous


curiousandcute: i'm high as giraffe's balls

snarfthcats: Now you can live your best life as a cream filled hostess cupcake batty

missyquinn: Batty's the best, 10 out of 10 and more!!!!!

curiousandcute: like I cannot own an underwire bra without that fucking wire poking through at some point

tokah0ntas: that wire sits on the right hand of satan

snarfthcats: There is no bottom floor to bad days

snarfthcats: as there is no ceiling to good days

grimlyfiendish: "Cause i beat my meat like I'm a fuckin' butcher"

kittenschin: pc fucked his teacher that wore a diaper

probablecause: Yeah, she was always wet.

bl33pbl00p: i imagine self sucking feels more like sucking dick than getting your dick sucked.

grimlyfiendish: I never did either but my one g/f gave me head in the back of a hearse.

grimlyfiendish: she was alive

snarfthcats: Long hugs mean more than long dicks -snarf

motleycrow: thatsb a shitty sideeffect netty

motleycrow: *pats clit*
motleycrow: sorry clit

plussize420: *rubs my taco*

nestorfester: BatsNoGuano!

yummycheetos: I just stepped on a cornflake. now I am a cereal killer

snarfthcats: I got enough junk in the trunk to open a god damn dollar store

battybat: im undermedicated

mattybloo420: same batty but drop the 'der'

snarfthcats: hy does a chicken coop only have two doors? Because if it had four doors it would be a chicken sedan

theghost: batty everyone is beautifull in their own special way and u are because of the person u are

poke371: if I’m loved properly i do more gagging than nagging lol

clintvicki35: if you fart in a tunnel, the wall farts back

smallchatenergy: a gentleman adjusts his behavior according to the situation

peitho: marrying is like going to public washroom ..

peitho: no , they are eager to get in and hurried to get out

plussize420: say yes to mask and no to bra's

plussize420: free the titty but protect the city

puffpuffsniff: i polyamorous when it comes to cheese

romyro: Netty's hair is brighter than my future

snarfthcats: ill just put them in netting and pull them out of my ass like a school of fish

nestorfester: BattleBat!

moshingbear: the fakies run when you make pterodactyl noises in bed

fartsss: battylicious

nestorfester: Batty. "You insufferable lil Bat" =)

firstfyre: Nettys got this Vitamin V that you need

cocktrampled: Well I'm vanilla and I've got a creamy nut for you ;)

fartsss: the spork is the transexual dinner guest