Gender: Female

Country: United States

Member since: 03/10/2018

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Fans: 83

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Age: 24

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Body type: Slim

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’ 4" (163 cm)

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Languages: English

Turn Ons: cumming in my panties!!

More info about me

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My Diary


Why doesn't this site let you use question marks-

Someone is really bad at coding. As a work around, please see all " - " at the ends of questions as a question mark.

What is your diet-

I eat light like a bunny, grazing on granola, greens, or crackers. For more substantial meals, a nice balance of meat, cheese, starch, and greens in a small portion.

What is your work-out routine-

A relaxed and non-routined combination of dancing, hoola-hooping, and basic at-home exercises. I love to work out in the nude or in just underwear so I only do so at home. Music or TV for entertainment throughout.

Do you sweat-

Not much, even during rigorous activity I do not sweat heavily.

Do you douche or chemically alter your scent in any way-

No. This is dangerous to the pH balance in a healthy pussy. Natural is best.

What soaps, creams, oils, and lubes do you use on your privates-

I do not use soaps nor creams on my privates. I only rinse with hot water during regular showers. I use all natural oils such as coconut or hemp seed to soften my hair and skin. I use 100-percent petroleum jelly as lubricant unless I am having sex with a latex condom in which case I will use a natural oil.

Do you have pubic hair-

Yes! This traps natural pheromones, intensifying my scent. I do not shave. I trim with scissors about every 2-3 weeks.

Do you have other body hair-

I shave my legs and underarms as a matter of personal preference. For this I use soap and hot water.